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The best solution For each
here and now!

Earn best deals
a team of professionals!

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Our activities About the company Finance Status


Finance Status – progressive online product released in the network in the 4 quarter of 2018. We serve private and corporate clients, specializing in trust management of monetary funds. The availability and liquidity of our proposals makes cooperation profitable and convenient, and with the creation of the online resource, the clients were given the opportunity to apply our strategies from the comfort of home! Thus, the interaction was not only mobile, but available to a wider audience of citizens.



We create and implement intelligent solutions in the management of capital since 2011. Today, the product line Finance Status are offers for customers with any management experience, social status and level of risk tolerance. Depending on the combination of these parameters, the experts distinguish 4 groups of portfolios, based on the key strategies of asset management. However, their models allow the use of relatively high horizons, and this in turn increases the availability and liquidity proposals.


Just three simple steps

How to use our services today?

Create a profile

Register the account and fill in the required data. The procedure is simple and does not take much time.

Product selection

Determine for yourself the most suitable offer tailored to Your preferences.

The result

Watch for changes and use the resulting material for their own purposes!

Integrated development Teamwork

Finance Status - provides special terms for corporate clients. The expertise of the company provides qualitative service of modern business. And expert opinion on its structural component, allows not only to protect the funds of the company against the negative factors, but also to provide additional assurance beyond existing business models. Moreover, this system allows you to develop a target audience and its volume in wider ranges, which promotes not only the development of the resource, but also acts as its strong support in today's dynamic market conditions.


Main advantages Why trust us?


The company values its name and reputation, which earned over years of hard work.

Save your time!

Analysis and forecasting of transactions, direct trading on the stock exchanges as well as the proper distribution of capital and basic financial calculations - all our specialists produce on their own, without burdening those actions of our client.

Thus allowing the investor to combine his earnings with any other activity, be it main work, leisure or travel.