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Finance Status - progressive online product released in the network in the 4 quarter of 2018. We serve private and corporate clients, specializing in trust management of monetary funds. The availability and liquidity of our proposals makes cooperation profitable and convenient, and with the creation of the online resource, the clients were given the opportunity to apply our strategies from the comfort of home! Thus, the interaction was not only mobile, but available to a wider audience of citizens.

Time does not stand still, the investment market is in constant motion and our product, as part of the market is no exception. In the 4th quarter of 2018, the company has significantly scale its operations by launching an online platform in which has been isolated and implemented the most effective strategies.

In the first years of its activities, the specialists of "Finance Status" could offer tools that generate stable high income is ensured a high demand for products of the financial group with a broad range of capital owners. It was then formulated a key mission of the company is to provide clients access to the best investment strategies based on effective use of quantitative and traditional methods of analysis and forecasting. What helps, we have developed a platform - Finance Status.

By creating this resource, the company was able not only to expand the offer by answering a growing demand in the field of investment, but to increase the volume of its foreign exchange funds, which ultimately cemented the reliability of the financial group as a whole. The Foundation on which rest the success of our activities is a good risk management and strict discipline. To the appearance on the market negative dynamics are very difficult to prepare, however, built a system of risk management and asset allocation allows you to survive the market turmoil with minimal losses, and sometimes to avoid them altogether.

Today, "Finance Status" provides consulting services and money management for private investors and businesses, providing professional advice on asset management in Russia and in global markets. One of the main objectives of the company is proper identification of needs and selection of the most suitable investment solutions. We are focused exclusively on long-term customer, so always focus on strategic planning in the management of finances.

In order to take advantage of the offers, the company must go through a simple registration on the site.

Questions and answers






  • What's Finance Status?

    An online resource from the "OOO IC "Status Finance" carried out its activity on the territory of the Russian Federation. Provides services for Analytics and cash management on the securities market, within the established strategies. Profile directions: management of dealer, brokerage and Depositary activities and trust management of securities.

  • What is trust management?

    Under the trust management of funds means the transfer of their particular Trustee, which provides the owner of the money is profit for a fee. The foundations of such economic relations is spelled out in the Civil code of the Russian Federation. The control object can be very different types of property: securities, businesses, property rights and some, of course, cash.

  • How many years a company exists on the market?

    The status of Finans working in core areas in 2011. As part of the expansion of the target audience and attract new customers, in 2017, work began on developing a new resource - Finance Status, the purpose of which is the provision of public services online. In 2018, the task was successfully implemented.

  • How to become a member?

    Become an investor can be any capable citizen of the Russian Federation or the CIS, under age. For this You need to pass quick registration and fill in personal data in your account, after verification, which will replenish the balance You are comfortable with the system and choose an appropriate strategy. Everything else – the work of our specialists. You are watching the process of management of funds and use the result to their advantage.

  • Due to which the investor makes a profit?

    The funds of our investors working on the securities markets by means of trust management, bringing a regular income as a percentage depending on the selected strategy. Due to the possibility of reinvestment, the profit can grow exponentially, and combining different strategies, you can achieve even more interesting results.

  • Whereby the profit goes to the company?

    Part of the funds resulting from the management of the contribution of the investor enters the company's balance sheet, thereby forming a net profit for the organization. All this is reinforced by the effect of mass.

  • What are the guarantees?

    "Finance Status" operates exclusively on legal grounds. All core areas are licensed and strictly controlled by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, Federal tax service and other government agencies. The company bears full responsibility for the integrity of the funds held on the customer's balance recorded in official website information and provide services in the field of asset protection, which, coupled with the legal framework act as a guarantor of reliable, productive, and most importantly honest interaction.

  • What is the scheme of cash flow?

    After successful recharge in your account, the client chooses an appropriate strategy that distributes such funds in the desired quantity.

    In the process of asset management, the customer is charged a daily profit, which can vary depending on market conditions and specific transactions. At the expiration of the investment horizon, the account balance and returns the contribution. There shall be credited all sorts of bonuses provided for in the partnership.

    The client may freely dispose of the funds located on the account balance. They can be send to the Department and to withdraw at any time.

  • What terms of cooperation you can expect?

    Our company has earned the trust of its customers solely for years of experience. Having a worthy reputation, we can openly talk about reliable and productive cooperation in the long term.

    In conditions of instability of currencies and inflation, regular, born the growing demand for profitable investment decisions, and tough market conditions are forcing us constantly to improve the skills in managing capital in the environment of specialized professionals. Combining these factors, our company secures their economic position and comprehensively develops its activity. The release of our product in an online mode – a striking confirmation.

    Of course, in current situation it is difficult to predict the behavior of markets, and thus to predict future transactions. However, the approach experienced professionals in the management of capital allows our audience to comfortably position their assets for several years. And active protection provide additional guarantees of safety issues.

  • What happens to my Deposit if the company for any reason closes?

    If for any reason a decision is made about the termination of activity of the organization, the company clients will be given advance notice on the official website of "Finance Status". In this case, investors ' deposits are subject to recalculation, and the unpaid balance of funds to return to the legal deadline (45 days).

  • Who pays the taxes?

    As the company operates officially, all taxes are paid by the company, the rate of the difference between the sum of the input and output of the system.

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