Corporate clients Partnership structure:

Since 2011, the financial group "Finance Status" is actively developing its services through channel partners, offering customers a wide range of investment products and high level service. With market conditions for investment products and optimal algorithms of cooperation with partners in the financial sector, "Finance Status" provides new opportunities in terms of expanding the product line and attract/retain customers.

As part of the core directions of our activity we offer our customers special terms of cooperation:

Doubled fees, the most effective strategies hedge of deposits, increasing the Deposit amount in the course of its work, as well as a dedicated line of support. These and other advantages are available for investors of the developed segment, with a PREMIUM membership


Valuable rewards

In current situation it is very difficult to overestimate the efficiency of teamwork, especially in financial matters. And because "Finance Status" places particular emphasis on the development of a collective approach. In confirmation of this, within existing products, the company had implemented a bonus system based on the principles of modern cashback.

Along the way, waiting on the expansion of the target audience in such key developing all of our partners, relying solely on the realisation of potential, his growth and development!

We support the creation of regulatory regimes that increase financial market transparency, protect investors and facilitate responsible growth of capital markets, while preserving consumer choice and properly balancing benefits versus the implementation costs. This approach makes the interaction of the parties most comfortable, and partnerships as beneficial.